Comfortable v Convenient

One of the most common errors I hear is students mistaking comfortable with convenient. Let’s look at the differences between these two adjectives:

Comfortable – feels good physically; soothing

Convenient – makes your life easier


With comfort, imagine things that make your body feel better when you are tired. For example, your big warm bed feels comfortable, as do shoes that fit perfectly. But beds and shoes aren’t normally described as convenient. The test I use with convenience is: does it save time or effort? Smartphones are convenient. Having a workplace near your home can also be described as convenient. Please note that some things (e.g. taxis) are both comfortable and convenient.




Fill in the blanks using either comfortable or convenient:

  1. Having a laptop is really _______________ for doing your homework.
  2. That sofa looks _______________.
  3. I think pencils are more _______________ than pens, because you can erase your work.
  4. My apartment is above a shop, so it’s really _______________.
  5. This is the most _______________ bed I’ve ever slept in.
  6. Do you think trains or buses are more _______________?
  7. I don’t feel _______________ wearing socks at home.
  8. When you can relax with someone, they make you feel _______________.

Comment below with your answers, and I’ll tell you if you’re right!

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