Should I get my IELTS test remarked?

A couple of months ago, I had a student who regularly scored around Band 6 in our mock speaking tests. He took the IELTS exam here in Seoul and two weeks later received his results. They’d given him 5.0 in speaking, meaning he couldn’t go to the university he wanted to. Naturally, he was distraught and asked me whether he should get a remark.

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IELTS Writing – 10 Common Mistakes

I’ve been marking IELTS essays for many years now, and there are some mistakes that commonly appear. Some of them are related to word choice, some are due to content, while some are errors of punctuation. Improving your accuracy could move you up half a band, so if you’re looking for a quick way to boost your writing performance, make sure you avoid the following ten mistakes.

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IELTS Speaking – Introductory Questions

There are four questions you’re guaranteed to hear at the beginning of the IELTS Speaking section, yet despite their predictability, students frequently make a complete mess of them. This shouldn’t happen, and I strongly recommend taking a few minutes to prepare some simple, standard answers to ensure you give the examiner the best possible first impression.

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