How to Choose an English Language School

With close to one billion people worldwide learning English, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are tens of thousands of English language academies around the globe. This can make choosing a language school difficult, with some places promising a lot but delivering little. Some academies have shiny, modern facilities, but the quality of teaching is poor, while others employ good teachers, but cram as many students as possible into tiny classrooms. So how do you choose? Here’s our guide for 5 things to look for when picking an English language academy.

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10 Great Websites for Learning English for Free

Learning English is a difficult and time-consuming pursuit, but on the plus side, it doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have the ability to motivate yourself, there are numerous free resources out there to help you improve all aspects of your English. Here is Knox English‘s guide to improving your English for free:

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6 Ways to Avoid Sexism when Speaking English

Since the rise of feminism in the 20th century, native English speakers have become more aware of the importance of appropriate language in the fight for equality. The languages we speak help shape our views of the world, thus languages containing sexism create an unequal playing field for females and males. The effort to eliminate sexism in English is now so ingrained in Western culture that students or employees using blatant sexism are often expelled from their places of study/work, thus it is vital for international students to be aware of these issues before moving to an English-speaking country. Here are 6 ways you can avoid using sexism in English:

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Second Languages Help Prevent Dementia

“Foreign languages should be a requirement for any kind of degree,” said Professor Antonella Sorace of Edinburgh University, following her research on bilingualism’s ability to delay or prevent dementia. Sorace has long been an advocate of foreign language learning, and her latest research shows that even starting a language in your sixties or seventies offers huge benefits to cognitive health.

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Germans Best Non-Native English Speakers, UAE Worst

Research published by the British Council suggests Germans are the best non-native speakers of English, scoring an impressive 7.4 on average in the IELTS speaking exam. Predictably, former British colonies Singapore, Malaysia, and Nigeria also score highly, with Middle Eastern and North East Asian countries making up five of the bottom six places. 계속 읽기 “Germans Best Non-Native English Speakers, UAE Worst”