IELTS 스피킹 파트1 질문


  • Can you tell me your full name, please?
  • Can you tell me where you’re from?
  • Can I see your identification, please?


  • Do you work or are you a student?
  • What job do you do?
  • What kind of work do you do?
  • Why did you choose this kind of work?
  • What skills do you need for your job?
  • What do you like about your job?
  • What subject are you studying?
  • How long have you been studying that subject?
  • Why did you choose this subject?
  • What kind of work would you like to do in the future?


  • Can you describe the area where you live?
  • What is there to do in your neighbourhood?
  • What do you like about your neighbourhood?
  • How could your neighbourhood be improved?


  • How well do you know the people who live next door to you?
  • How often do you see them?
  • What kind of problems do people sometimes have with their neighbours?
  • How can neighbours help each other?


  • Tell me something about your hometown.
  • What do you like most about your hometown?
  • What kind of place is your town?
  • Do you think your hometown is an interesting place?
  • Do you want to live in your hometown in the future?
  • What’s the most interesting part of your hometown?
  • What kind of jobs do people in your hometown do?
  • Would you say your hometown is a good place to live?
  • In which part of your hometown do most people live?
  • Is your hometown a popular place for tourists?
  • Where did you play in your hometown when you were a child?
  • Has your hometown changed much in your life time?
  • Would you say your hometown is a good place to visit?
  • Would you say your hometown is a good place for young people to live?

Special Days

  • What are the most important festivals in your culture?
  • Which festival in another country would you like to go to?
  • Which festival did you enjoy celebrating as a child?
  • How do people celebrate New Year in your country?


  • When do people give presents in your country?
  • Do you ever take a gift when you visit someone in their home?
  • When did you last receive a gift?
  • Do you enjoy looking for gifts for people?


  • What different types of writing do you do, for example, letters, emails, reports, or essays?
  • Do you prefer writing with a pen or using a computer?
  • Do you write more now or less than you did a few years ago?
  • Do you like to write stories or poems?


  • Do you have any brothers or sisters?
  • How many people are there in your family?
  • Does everyone in your family live in the same house?
  • What things do you like doing together?
  • Who is your favourite family member?
  • Do most people in your family live in the same town?
  • Which person in your family are you most similar to?
  • When did you last have a family party?


  • Do you enjoy travelling?
  • Have you done much travelling?
  • Do you think it’s better to travel alone or with other people?
  • Where would you like to travel in the future?

Daily Routine

  • What time do you normally get up?
  • What is your daily routine?
  • Do you usually have the same routine every day?
  • Is your routine the same today as it was when you were a child?
  • Do you think it is important to have a daily routine?


  • Do you often use a dictionary?
  • What do you use dictionaries for?
  • What kinds of dictionaries do you think are most useful?
  • Do you think dictionaries are useful for learning a language?
  • What kind of information can you find in a dictionary?


  • What kind of things do you prefer shopping for?
  • Do you prefer to buy things at a shop or online?
  • What effect has online shopping had in your country?
  • In what kind of places do you like to go shopping?
  • What would you recommend that tourists buy from your country?
  • Is shopping a popular activity in your country?


  • How do you usually travel to work or college?
  • Have you always travelled to work/college in the same way?
  • What do you like about travelling to work/college this way?
  • What changes would improve the way you travel to work/college?
  • How do people in your hometown typically travel to work/college?
  • What traffic problems are there in your area?
  • How do traffic problems affect you?
  • How would you reduce the traffic problems in your area?


  • What do you usually do at the weekend?
  • Which is your favourite part of the weekend?
  • What do you think you’ll do next weekend?
  • What did you do last weekend?
  • Do you enjoy your weekends now more than when you were a child?
  • How important is it for you to relax at the end of the week?
  • Do you think your weekends are long enough?


  • Do you have a favourite number or a number that is special to you?
  • Do any numbers have special importance in your country?
  • Are you good at remembering numbers?
  • What numbers do people often have to memorise?


  • Are there any famous buildings in your hometown?
  • Should buildings be attractive to look at?
  • What is the most beautiful building you have ever seen?
  • In what type of building do most people in your hometown live?
  • What is the most unusual building you have ever seen?


  • Do you prefer to call people by phone or send text messages?
  • How do you usually keep in touch with members of your family?
  • Do you prefer to keep in contact with different people in different ways?
  • Do you often use emojis?
  • Do you ever write letters by hand?
  • When was the last time you received a letter?
  • How often do you make telephone calls?
  • Who do you spend most time talking to on the telephone?
  • Is there anything you dislike about mobile phones?
  • When will you next make a phone call?
  • In your country, did people in the past keep in contact in the same ways as they do today?


  • Where do you live?
  • Tell me about the kind of accommodation you live in.
  • How long have you lived there?
  • Do most people live in houses or apartments in your country?
  • What kind of building do you live in?
  • What do you like about living there?
  • What sort of accommodation would you most like to live in?
  • Do you like to invite friends to your home?

The Sky

  • Do you like to look at the sky?
  • Do you prefer skies in the morning or at night?
  • Where is a good place to look at the sky?


  • Which magazines and newspapers do you read?
  • What kinds of article are you most interested in?
  • Have you ever read a newspaper or magazine in a foreign language?
  • Do you think reading a newspaper or magazine in a foreign language is a good way to learn the language?


  • Do you like to have flowers in your home?
  • Where do people typically go to buy flowers?
  • On what occasions do people in your country give flowers as a gift?
  • Are flowers important in your culture?
  • Does your country have a national flower?


  • Are you good at art?
  • Did you learn art at school when you were a child?
  • What kind of art do you like?
  • Is art popular in your country?
  • Have you ever been to an art gallery?
  • Do you think children can benefit from going to art galleries?

Free Time

  • How much free time do you normally have?
  • Have your leisure activities changed much since you were young?
  • If you had more free time, how would you spend it?
  • What do most people usually do in their free time in your country?


  • How often do you take photos?
  • Do you prefer taking photos of people or places?
  • What do you take photos with?
  • What do you do with the photos you take?
  • Do you think the way people take photos is changing?
  • Do you like people taking photos of you?
  • Would you rather take photographs of a place or buy postcards?


  • What is your favourite kind of weather?
  • Have you ever been in very cold weather?
  • How often is the weather cold where you come from?
  • Are some parts of your country colder than others?
  • Would you prefer to live in a hot place or a cold place?
  • How do you like to cool down in hot weather?


  • What kinds of thing make you laugh?
  • Do you like making other people laugh?
  • Do you think it’s important for people to laugh?
  • Is laughing the same as feeling happy?


  • Do you like music?
  • What sort of music do you usually enjoy listening to?
  • Why do you listen to music?
  • At what time of day do you like to listen to music?
  • Has the kind of music you like changed over the years?
  • What kind of music did you like when you were younger?
  • Do you prefer listening to live music or recorded music?
  • Do you think listening to music helps you study?
  • How often do you listen to music?
  • What is your favourite instrument?
  • Is there a musical instrument you do not know how to play but would like to learn in the future?
  • Did you learn to play a musical instrument as a child?
  • Do you think all children should learn to play a musical instrument?
  • How easy would it be to learn a musical instrument without a teacher?
  • What kind of music is popular in your country?
  • Do you prefer to buy CDs or download music from the Internet?
  • Have you always liked the same kind of music?


  • Can you ride a bicycle?
  • How popular are bicycles in your country?
  • Do you think that bicycles are suitable for all ages?
  • What are the advantages of a bicycle compared to a car?


  • Do you like parks?
  • How often do you go to parks?
  • Who do you normally go to the park with?
  • What do you usually do when you go to the park?


  • Do you have a favourite colour?
  • What colours are popular in your country?
  • Do you like the same colours now as you did when you were a child?
  • Can colours affect our moods?
  • Can you learn anything about someone from the colours they like?
  • Is the colour important when you buy something?


  • Do you like looking at trees?
  • How do you feel when you look at trees?
  • Where is a good place to look at trees?


  • How often do you go to the cinema?
  • When was the last time you went to the cinema?
  • Do you prefer to watch a film at the cinema or at home?
  • Which film from your childhood do you remember most?
  • How popular are cinemas where you live?
  • What’s your favourite movie now?
  • What was the last film you watched?
  • What sort of movies do you enjoy the most?


  • What do you do to stay healthy?
  • Is it easy to keep fit where you live?
  • How do people in your hometown usually keep fit?
  • Which do you think is more important, eating healthily or doing exercise?
  • Does your country have a good public health system?


  • Do you like reading about history?
  • Did you enjoy history lessons at school?
  • Why did/didn’t you like them?


  • What do you usually do in the evenings?
  • Do you do the same thing every evening?
  • Do you prefer to spend your evenings with family or friends?
  • Do you ever work or study in the evenings?
  • What is a popular activity for young people in your country in the evenings?
  • Do you do the same thing in the evenings now as you did when you were a child?


  • Tell me about your secondary or high school.
  • Did you go to secondary/high school near to where you lived?
  • What did you like about your secondary/high school?
  • Tell me about anything you didn’t like about your school.
  • How do you think your school could have been improved?
  • Tell me about a teacher you remember from secondary/high school.
  • Who was your best friend at secondary/high school?
  • Which subject did you find the most difficult at school?


  • What games are popular in your country?
  • Do you play any games?
  • How do people learn to play games in your country?
  • Do you think it’s important for people to play games?


  • What is your favourite food?
  • What is your favourite meal?
  • Do you prefer to eat out or eat at home?
  • Are there any traditional meals that you would recommend?
  • How have people’s eating habits changed in your country?
  • Who normally does the cooking in your house?
  • Do you watch cookery programmes on TV?
  • Do you prefer eating at home or eating out?

Your Country

  • Which part of your country do most people live in?
  • Tell me about the main industries there.
  • How easy is it to travel around your country?
  • Has your country changed much since you were a child?


  • What kind of shoes do you usually wear?
  • Do you have a favourite pair of shoes?
  • How often do you buy shoes?
  • Have you ever bought shoes online?
  • Do you prefer beautiful shoes or comfortable shoes?
  • Where do you usually buy shoes?
  • What do you look for in a pair of shoes?
  • Would you ever spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes?
  • Do you think the type of shoes someone wears reflects their character?
  • Do you think men and women have the same attitude towards shoes?
  • Are there any shoes in your country that shouldn’t be worn at work?
  • Do people usually wear different types of shoes in different seasons in your country?


  • Do you prefer relaxing at home or going out in the evening?
  • When you go out for an evening, what do you like to do?
  • How popular is your favourite kind of entertainment with other people in your country?
  • Is there any kind of entertainment you do not like?


  • How often do you watch television?
  • What kinds of television programmes are popular in your country?
  • Is there anything you would like to change about television in your country?
  • Which television channel do you usually watch?
  • Do you think most programmes on television are good?
  • Do you enjoy the advertisements on television?


  • Do you enjoy your birthdays?
  • Do you usually celebrate your birthdays?
  • What did you do on your last birthday?
  • Can you remember a birthday you enjoyed as a child?
  • Do most people celebrate their birthdays with a party in your country?
  • Which birthdays are considered important in your country?


  • Do you dream much at night?
  • Do you often remember your dreams?
  • Do you think we can learn anything from dreams?
  • Do people in your country talk about their dreams?
  • Do you think dreams can come true?


  • How often do you go out with friends?
  • Which is more important to you, friends or family?
  • Are your friends mostly your age or different ages?
  • Do you usually see your friends during the week or at weekends?
  • The last time you saw your friends, what did you do together?
  • In what ways are your friends important to you?
  • Do you prefer to have one particular friend or a group of friends?
  • What do you like doing most with your friends?
  • Do you think it’s important to keep in contact with friends you knew as a child?
  • What makes a friend into a good friend?


  • What sports are popular in your country?
  • How often do you play sport?
  • What sport or game did you most enjoy playing as a child?
  • How often do you watch sport?
  • Did you learn any sports at school?
  • Do you participate in any sports at the moment?
  • Do people nowadays exercise as much as people in the past?
  • Why is exercise good for you?


  • Do you enjoy reading?
  • What sort of things do you read?
  • What was the last book you read?
  • Where do you normally read?
  • How often do you read?
  • Tell me something about your favourite book.

Computer Games

  • Do you enjoy playing computer games?
  • At what age did you first play computer games?
  • Do you ever buy computer games for other people?
  • Are computer games more popular with men or women?


  • What do you do when you have a holiday?
  • Who do you usually spend your holidays with?
  • Where do you like to spend your holidays?
  • Can you describe a typical day in your holidays?
  • Why are holidays important to you?
  • If you could take a holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go?


  • Do you often use a computer?
  • Do you have your own computer?
  • How do you usually get online?
  • Do you prefer desktops or laptops?
  • What do you use your computer for?
  • Do you think it is important to learn how to use a computer?
  • How often do you go online?
  • What do you use the internet for?
  • What’s your favourite website?
  • Do you think children should be allowed unsupervised access to the internet?


  • How did your parents choose your name?
  • Does your name have any special meaning?
  • Is your name common or unusual in your country?
  • If you could change your name, would you?
  • Is it common in your country for people to change their names?


  • Is fashion important to you?
  • What different clothes do you wear for different situations?
  • Does your country have any kind of traditional clothing?
  • Do you wear different styles of clothes compared to 10 years ago?
  • Do you think the clothes we wear say something about who we are?
  • Is it important to wear clothes that are comfortable?
  • Were you interested in clothes as a child?


  • Do you enjoy dancing?
  • Has anyone ever taught you to dance?
  • Does your country have any traditional dance styles?
  • Is there any style of dancing that is currently popular in your country?
  • Do you think that traditional dancing will be popular in the future?


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